Every TAFA parent is a TPC team member! Our Community Leads will reach out to you via email with various opportunities to support your child’s departments/teachers throughout the year. This is how we help TAFA maintain low tuition, while offering our kids an excellent education in art and academics. Simply use the sign-up links and select the contributions that best fit your time, treasure and talent.

TIME - We encourage all families (mom/dad/students) to participate by giving 10 hours of their time each year. There are a variety of ways to help!

TREASURE - We also provide additional opportunities for families to contribute items throughout the year for special events. We try to create space where everybody has a way to contribute.

TALENT - We would love to know if you have any specific ways that you would like to contribute as well.  Please complete this quick 5-minute survey, which will enable us to get to know you better. If we have an opportunity that fits your skill set, we will reach out and give you an opportunity to help in that capacity.


What Is the TPC

TPC stands for TAFA Parent Community. The TPC is comprised of all TAFA parents, who have children registered in one or more classes. We are the backbone of TAFA; we coordinate events, donations and all volunteer efforts to help strengthen and support the staff, while building community among the families.  We are parents dedicated to the vision and mission of TAFA.

What Does the TPC Do, Exactly 

The TPC supports TAFA, its families and the staff in a myriad of ways.

  • Raising Funds for Equipment and Building Improvements
  • Planning/Organizing/Implementing Various Events
  • Teacher Appreciation (thank you gifts, Christmas gifts, breakfast, lunch)
  • Clerical Duties (filing, copies, handbooks, collections, data entry)
  • Student Contests (art, band, choir, orchestra)
  • Community Outreach (choir, band, orchestra)
  • Room Mom Program/Teacher Assistants
  • Monitors
  • Community Builders (field trips)
  • Support All End of Year Showcases and Art Gallery Night

Just to name a few…

What Are the Benefits of Involvement

The TPC believes that parent involvement is an essential ingredient to the overall success of TAFA, its students and teachers.

  • Multiply your efforts. By collaborating on a TPC you can multiply every contribution of your time, talent, and treasure, we are always more effective when we do it together.
  • Benefit your child. Playing an active role in your child’s school is important to their success, but also to the school’s success. 
  • Get support. The TPC is committed to help build a vigorous school community that fosters fellowship and a positive school environment for all families and students.
  • Stay informed. By getting involved in the TPC you will be in the know about many things that affect TAFA, its students and its faculty at a deeper level.
  • Tap into a network. Come and share ideas, concerns, and experiences with other parents in the community. TPC functions are an opportunity to meet other parents and teachers, build rapport and be informed.
  • Be a role model. By becoming active in the TPC, you will be demonstrating to your child the importance you place on volunteering. There will be opportunities for them to become involved as well, which will help build character and give them volunteer hours for their college transcripts.
  • Have a voice. TPC offers a forum for exchanging ideas as well as making suggestions. TPC can be a way for you to affect change more effectively.
  • Make an impact. The TPC will support many important educational activities and resources. We will also contribute to classroom activities for various educational programs including Academics, Art, Dance, Choir, and Band.
  • Support staff. Enhancing the children’s learning environment is important. Supporting our teachers is an aspect of achieving this goal. The TPC will achieve a high level of support for the school and teachers through various activities and fundraising efforts, promoting growth and expansion. 

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. – Helen Keller

TPC Contact Information

TPC Coordinator – Jeanie Vela - tafaparentcommittee@gmail.com

TPC Committee Leads

Dance – Joan Lowe & Melony Bleeker - TAFAdancecommittee@gmail.com

Instrumental – Julie Williams & Christine Teel - TAFAinstrumentcommittee@gmail.com

Art/Media - Melissa Carver & Rebecca Simmons - TAFAartcommittee@gmail.com

Choral/School of Worship – Krissy Stickland & Lauren Bond - TAFAchoralcommittee@gmail.com

Drama/Acting –Erin Sizemore, Kristin Wells & Jenny Range - TAFAdramacommittee@gmail.com

Marketing – Kris Garrison & Jeanie Vela TPCMarketing101@gmail.com

Community Builders – Sarah Lewis TPCcommunity101@gmail.com

Teacher Appreciation – Janie Beckworth tafaspecialcommittee@gmail.com

Academic – OPEN POSITION - TAFAacademiccommittee@gmail.com

Please contact the TPC Coordinator for all OPEN POSITIONS - tafaparentcommittee@gmail.com

We Have a Group for That

Do you want to stay informed, get support, tap into a network of homeschooling parents, build community for you and your kids, get involved, share resources, ask questions, or seek advice? Join our private TAFA Facebook Groups.








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