Drama/Acting Department


The TAFA Drama/Acting Department prepares students to deliver honest performances that glorify God and uniquely qualify them to
work on a wide variety of projects. We focus on developing acting, speech and movement skills in a supportive Christian
environment. Through exposure, education and experience in the performing arts students grow in confidence, learn to collaborate
with their peers and implement leadership skills that benefit them on and off the stage.

Drama I

This beginning acting class is full of creativity, movement and fun geared toward young and eager students. The goal is to help students learn the basic fundamentals of drama while exploring the use of their voices, bodies and imagination, and learning to work and interact with others through small, in-class performances. Students will play games and learn techniques to develop focus, teamwork, confidence, quick thinking and control. The beginning stages of vocal technique will also be introduced, along with theatre etiquette: how to behave on stage, backstage, and as an audience member.

Drama II

This class is open to all students who wish to grow as an actor and have fun while doing so! Students will play games designed to develop awareness, focus, quick thinking, teamwork and confidence in a way that prepares them for the stage. Proper vocal technique, diction, and physicality are addressed during each class.


Our primary focus will be on drama elements and theater basics. Students learn techniques that help them work through their inhibitions in order to overcome stage fright. Each student learns the importance of team work while creating a variety of improvisational team skits in order to become spontaneous thinking actors. Throughout the course of the year, we will implement dialogue, plot, setting, themes, characterizations, pantomimes, monologues, stage directions, voice projections, proper diction, memorization, props, set pieces, costumes and much, much more!!!

Musical Theater I & II

Students will study the work of the actor/singer/dancer and use their gained knowledge to develop as performers. Students will prepare and present as soloists as well as members of small groups and larger ensembles. Our instruction focuses on scene study, memorization and blocking, learning music and lyrics, choreography, props, costumes, and tech support.

Musical Theater III

Get ready for a class packed full of incredible fun! This class is for formal musical theater instruction with basic and advanced skills in acting, singing, and dance. We will explore: vocal techniques (vital for the singing voice, as well as acting), choreography, acting and stagecraft technique with a focus on scene study, memorization and blocking. This is a good performance-oriented class with a great emphasis placed on performance preparation such as props, costuming and technical support.

Troupe Theater

Students will study the work of the actor and use their gained knowledge to develop as performers. Students will prepare and present as soloists as well as members of small groups and larger ensembles. There will also be a focus on the audition process. Throughout the course of the year, we will focus on scene study, memorization, blocking, improv, props, costumes, and tech support.

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Our Teachers:

Ondrea Schenck

After receiving a Bachelor's Degree in Music Education from Stephen F. Austin in 1999, Ondrea went on to become a choir director in Mansfield ISD, while performing with the Fort Worth Opera, her local church, and other professional groups.
She has been one of the upper-level choir directors and voice teachers at TAFA since 2005, as well as joining ranks of directing the musical theater classes in 2015. Getting students to use their gifts and talents while having fun is one of the biggest joys in her life!

Ashley Hawkins

Ashley is a TAFA Alumni. She studied at Regent University and received two degrees from: A BS in Business with an emphasis in Accounting and a BA in Theater. She spent the bulk of her theatrical time in Virginia, acting in plays, being a resident improvisationalist with a professional troupe, directing, stage managing, and playwriting.

Taffy Geisel

I fell in love with theater in kindergarten, when I played the mean, ugly Step-Flower in “Cinderella in Flowerland.” Both my bachelors and masters degrees were earned at Baylor. While homeschooling my two children, I taught theater at CATS.   I taught at TAFA for over 10 years, where I started the Musical Theater program. The Lord is Good. And now I am back, ready to share my love for the Lord, and acting, with young actors. 

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