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The TAFA Art Department develops artists with a strong technical foundation in visual art skills and extensive knowledge of art history.
We provide a supportive Christ centered environment for artists to develop and explore their personal style, while sharing the gospel
through nonverbal communication. Art students develop creativity and imagination while enhancing critical thinking and developing
strong hand-eye coordination. Our advanced level students will begin to build a personal portfolio that demonstrates their skills,
experiences and interests. These portfolios are beneficial when being evaluated by art professionals and college admission officers.

Art I, II & III

This class is designed to introduce the basic elements of art to the young artist. The students will learn about line, shape, color, texture, value, and design through various art projects, using different mediums. We will learn about great artists, too, and create our own artwork incorporating their styles and techniques. This is a fun and productive class!

Fundamentals of Art

Students will develop a deeper understanding of the elements (line, shape, form, color, value, texture, & space) and principles of design (balance, contrast, emphasis, pattern, rhythm, proportion, and harmony) in drawing and painting. Students will use various types of media — watercolors, pencil, colored pencils, ink, and pastels. The course will also involve class participation in creatively learning about a variety of artists and periods in art history.

Color Theory

In this course students will gain a strong understanding and knowledge of color using acrylic paints, watercolor, colored pencils and pastels. Students will learn color categories, how to mix colors, and which color combinations work together well to create harmony. Students keep a Color Journal which is vital in helping them remember color theory terminology and record the color combinations they achieve from color mixing processes (hues, tints, tones, shades). Students will also create a portfolio of works showing what they have learned.

Drawing & Design

This class teaches the basic elements of design, (line, shape, color, texture, etc.), as well as the advanced principles of design, (balance, proportion, perspective, harmony, etc.). Students will be exploring many types of mediums, with a heavy emphasis in drawing.

Life Drawing

This course quickly reviews the basics of line, shape, value, negative/positive space and composition, then moves forward to learning the complexities of drawing the human form. Students will learn correct proportions, balance, and movement using line drawing, gesture drawing, contour drawing, as well as many other styles. The primary mediums for this class will be graphite, charcoal, colored pencils, ink and Conte crayon. Students create a portfolio of works in this class.

Acrylic Paint

The course begins with a review of value study, followed by an intensive study of color theory and the processes of various paint applications. Acrylic paints will be the primary medium used in this class. Students will explore and research artists and paintings from classical and contemporary styles & movements. Painting assignments will involve learning to paint various types of subject matter (still-life, landscapes, etc.) Coursework is designed to help students work from observation, develop an understanding of
concept & composition, and build a mastery of technical skills for painting. Students will complete multiple canvas paintings in this

Digital Cinema

Expression in Digital-Cinema is a class that welcomes students with big ideas, passion for visual design, and love for hands-on videography. Through principles of design such as balance, color, texture, and space, students will a produce video project(s) while learning how to collaborate with other creative minds and execute a shared vision. This class will utilize camera equipment, props, fog machines, lighting, and video editing software to bring a semester-long video project(s) together. All students will contribute to the filmmaking process.

Art Journalism

This student led class explores art through drawing, watercolor, mixed media, colored pencil, and pen & ink. This advanced course continues on the foundation established in Color Theory and Drawing & Design, but gives them the freedom to explore new ideas and further develop skills in the student’s area of interest.

Content Creator

This class focuses on content creation with an emphasis on social media marketing and business branding. Students learn how to create stories, titles, and thumbnails that appeal to a specific audience. Developing an understanding of how a video goes from an idea to production, studying the analytics of a video to understand how to engage with their intended audience in an effective way. Students will discuss the dangers of social media and how as Christians we can navigate and use these platforms to
impact the world for Christ.

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Our Teachers:

Sarah Erwin

Sarah is a 2014 TAFA Alumni. After graduation she obtained a bachelor’s degree from the College of the
Ozarks. She majored in Studio Art and Marketing. After teaching in the public-school realm, she is ecstatic to
be back at TAFA, where she fell in love with art.

Belinda Harrell

Belinda is a veteran homeschool teacher with 26 years under her belt. She is a graduate of Baylor University
and has taught K-12 students in multiple schools and in a variety of subjects, including elementary and middle school art, math, economics, history, science, government, geography, language arts, and more. In addition to teaching K-12 students she has a passion for teaching adult ESL students.

Kristine Smith

Kristine is a 2009 TAFA Alumni. Upon graduation she focused on both music and art. She received a degree
in music from The Boston Conservatory and Baylor University. She has been teaching elementary through
college age students for many years and is excited to be back at TAFA teaching music and arts.

Dewayne Washington

Dewayne is a professional musician and film maker. He is the Owner of Facetime Studios a video production company. Dewayne spends time shooting films,
documentaries, commercials and more. He is also the owner of the streaming network SAKAL Streaming, Dewayne is now building a home for independent film makers across the planet.

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